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Wallace State Community College – Hanceville
Since Wallace State began increasing borrower outreach through a partnership with Student Connections (more than halfway through the reporting period for the 2014 cohort), the college has enjoyed a significant downward trend in its CDR.

Blinn College
Since Blinn College began its partnership with Student Connections, in February 2015 (about seven months before the 2013 cohort closed), Blinn has enjoyed a significant downward trend in its CDR.

Oklahoma College Assistance Program (OCAP)
OCAP’s use of Student Connections helped the 26 participating schools outperform both national and local CDR trends.

Ozarka College
The school’s small financial aid office staff was facing significant challenges keeping up with borrower outreach, so they started using Borrower Connect in 2013. Since then, the school has expanded the amount of outreach Student Connections performs on its behalf and enjoys a collaborative partnership with Student Connections team.

Truckee Meadows Community College
A holistic approach, which included our financial literacy and student success curriculum and Borrower Connect comprehensive service, helped this institution reduce its number of borrowers at high-risk and moderate-risk of default by more than half.

Valencia College
To keep its cohort default rate in the range of similar institutions, this school began using Borrower Connect to reach borrowers who were delinquent, in their grace period or who had defaulted on their loans. The tool also helps Valencia College analyze borrower data, monitor the effectiveness of its efforts and review default rate projections.

Wesleyan College
When staff reductions made it difficult for this school to provide students with the attention and information they need to make good borrowing decisions, Wesleyan College partnered with us to provide online financial literacy programming for students and help better focus its default prevention efforts. Since then, Wesleyan has surpassed its cohort default rate goals and remains focused on reducing the amount students borrow.

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