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We’re passionate about helping students overcome the financial barriers that get in the way of attending and finishing college. Our proven tools and solutions actively promote student success, which leads to healthier financial futures for students and substantially fewer loan defaults for educational institutions.

"Student Connections supports our students and staff with innovative approaches that help us meet our goals. The Default Prevention Services not only dramatically lowered our CDR, but also gave us insights into how our students are successfully repaying their student loans. Additionally, the Enrollment Outreach Service enabled us to better connect with prospective and stopped-out students to help us reach our enrollment goals."

~ Matthew Moore

Asst. VP for Enrollment Operations and Director of Financial Aid

Sinclair College

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We provide WhichWay, a financial wellness tool, and student loan borrower support. Find out how you can get free assistance.

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UPDATE: Student Loan Debt Relief is On Hold

You may be wondering what’s happening with the new one-time student loan debt relief. You’re not alone.

Do You Qualify For Student Loan Forgiveness?

The Department of Education announced a new one-time student loan cancellation. Do you qualify?

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