Debt Letters

Informed students make better decisions

Poor borrowing decisions often stem from a lack of understanding for how the student loan system works and how debt effects long-term financial success. Student Connections’ simple and affordable debt letter process guides and educates your students on how to best navigate borrowing options.

Personalized and Proactive

One of the most common phrases we hear from delinquent student loan borrowers is, “I didn’t take out student loans. I had financial aid.” Our debt letter will proactively provide students that are in school with summary and detailed information of what they have borrowed, as well as what they can expect to pay in total once they enter repayment.

Provide Total Picture of Indebtedness

Want to provide information beyond just federal student loans? Our simple process allows you to include other loan information such as private, state or institutional loans, as well as include grant information. If not, you can opt for general language regarding these other types of funding.

Ensure Compliance with State Regulations

Some states have passed legislation that require schools to send annual debt letters to students. Our electronic letters meet all state regulations in one, simple notification. States currently requiring debt letters include: California, Florida, Illinois, Indiana, Louisiana, Maryland, Nebraska, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Texas, Utah, Virginia, Washington and Wisconsin.

Ready to empower your students?

Learn more about how our debt letters empower your students to make better borrowing decisions and the quick and easy process to get started.

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“The Student Connections Debt Letter ensures we are in compliance with state regulations. More importantly, it helps our borrowers get regular updates and a full picture of their student loan debt while they are in school.”

~ Jana Holkon

Director of Student Financial Services
Centura College