Enrollment Outreach

Recruiting and retaining students are both critical for all colleges and universities. The challenge is allocating resources for both. We can increase your return on investment and streamline this process by doing outreach and follow up for you, and connect your team only with students interested in enrolling.

Tools and Experience that Extend Your Reach

With our dedicated US-based call center, we have the tools, experience and capacity to contact and counsel more students. Interested students are transferred to enrollment experts at your school, with options to email school for follow up. Free up your staff from cold calling by deploying our highly-trained advocates as an extension of your outreach team.

Get Better Data and Results

Our analytic-driven approach guarantees better insight and results. Enrollment campaigns generate tuition revenue that is more than 5x your investment. Reports include summary and detailed contact outcomes including reasons students cite for not wanting to return.

Campaigns Customized to Meet Your Needs

Campaigns can be designed to reach a variety of audiences such as admitted students that never enrolled, enrolled students that never attended, and former students that haven’t completed their education. We provide recommended scripting or customize scripts to ensure the message reaches your target audience.

Ready to improve enrollment outreach efforts?

Let’s discuss your goals and target outreach to determine how student connections can best free up your time and help you achieve better results.

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“The collaboration between all parties and the openness for the process and flow has be fun. Student Connections does the outreach so that my team can focus on the advising. We get great data from the call details Student Connections provides, which helps us better know who to pursue and how we can help. We’re just getting started and have already generated more registrations than we could have on our own.”

~ Benjamin Rosenberger

Director of Financial Aid/Registrar
Reading Area Community College