Empower Students To Financially Succeed

Whether your focus is on lowering default rates, increasing retention and graduation rates or simply ensuring your students are getting the most out of their college experience, WhichWay® offers you a single, student-centric solution that teaches students the nonacademic skills critical to overcoming barriers to success and achieving financial wellness.

Financial Skills Help in School and Beyond

According to students, trouble with personal finances is the number one reason for dropping out of college. Currently, 70% of all high school students and 77% of college students have never attended a personal finance course or workshop. WhichWay is an interactive solution that gives your students the tools and information they need to successfully manage personal finances during school and beyond.

Developed for Students by Students

The best way to develop a solution that meets the needs of institutions and the students they serve is to involve them in the process. WhichWay is developed and enhanced with input and involvement from students and higher education professionals participating on our advisory boards.

Improve Student Success for Your Institution

WhichWay helps institutions with retention rates by eliminating the barriers that get in the way of program completion. And, because it equips students to make more informed financial choices it acts as a proactive approach to default prevention. As a one-stop solution for student success, WhichWay allows your team to focus their time and effort on other key initiatives.

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Funding College

According to a recent study, roughly half of first-year students have much more student debt than they realize. In fact, about 30 percent wrongly believed they had no federal student loan debt.

WhichWay provides modules that help students:

  • Find free sources to finance their higher education
  • Examine the costs associated with school
  • Determine affordable levels of student loan debt
  • Learn how to apply for and accept financial aid

Managing Finances

About half of borrowers in undergraduate programs report that they could have financed their studies while using less credit, estimating that they had over-borrowed by more than $11,000 per student on average.

WhichWay provides modules that help students:

  • Create and maintain a budget
  • Understand various types of credit and how to apply
  • Manage their credit and debt

Boosting Productivity

At two- and four-year public institutions, student attrition rates reach their highest levels between terms two and three. Helping students develop soft skills beyond the traditional orientation phase, is a great way to improve retention.

WhichWay provides modules that help students:

  • Research and set realistic education and career goals
  • Utilize the SMART goal-setting method
  • Create a plan to achieve their goals

Repaying Loans

With borrowers facing an average student loan debt of $30,000 at graduation, planning ahead is more important than ever to student and career success.

WhichWay provides modules that help students:

  • Proactively manage student loans
  • Access student loan information
  • Develop strategies to control and manage debt
  • Prepare to successfully begin making payments
  • Identify solutions to lower or pause payments

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“There’s a lot of rich information presented in quick, “snack-size” bites that will engage Gen Z’ers!”

~ Chalese Connors

Director, Student Money Management Center
Texas Woman’s University