Tools & Solutions to Promote Student Success

Help students succeed in college and beyond

The key to lowering student loan default is helping students to complete their education and pursue rewarding careers. At Student Connections, we work directly with institutions to develop programs and solutions that do just that.

Leverage data analytics

We combine patented technology with leading data analytics to reach more borrowers with targeted messaging for more effective outreach. Student Connections solutions are already in place at hundreds of educational institutions nationwide. See how we can help your school achieve student success goals.

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Default Prevention

Don’t waste time searching for borrower information in multiple databases and spreadsheets. Borrower Connect is an industry-leading default prevention outreach tool that leverages nine cohort years of loan data to streamline communication to your borrowers. If you’re looking for a full-service option, our team of borrower advocates can help!

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Debt Letters

The Student Connections Debt Letter will help your students understand the big picture in regard to their education debt and guide them to make better borrowing decisions. Our process is simple and affordable, and ensures that your institution is meeting legislation requirements.

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Financial Education

Our financial wellness platform engages students through interactive lessons presented in a variety of ways including text, graphics, videos, activities and exercises. WhichWay provides students a personalized experience to help manage their finances during school and beyond.


Enrollment Outreach

Retaining and graduating students helps improve your cohort default rate because students that complete their education are less likely to default on their student loans. Student Connections contacts students who haven’t yet registered for the next term and provide warm transfers to your staff, freeing them up to focus on registration and re-enrollment.


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We Can Help Your Students Succeed In College And Beyond.

We'd love to discuss your institution's default prevention, enrollment management and financial education goals, and share with your how we are impacting the lives of students every day.

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