We Can Help.

Your school has partnered with Student Connections™ — an organization with more than 50 years of expertise in counseling student loan borrowers — to assist you in understanding your loan repayment commitments and in addressing any issues you may encounter with the repayment of your student loans.

What’s a Borrower Advocate?

A Borrower Advocate is ready to help you put a plan together for long-term repayment success. Your advocate will help you understand your loan obligations and responsibilities, establish an achievable and affordable repayment plan, find repayment options during financial hardships, and connect with your loan servicer.

Why Was I Contacted?

If you were contacted by a Student Connections Borrower Advocate, you can use this site to learn more about the importance of staying on top of your student loans. Then, when you have a few minutes, give us a call. It’s easy!

Call (866) 311-9450 to talk to a Borrower Advocate for Free

"Our partnership with Student Connections has helped us get a solid handle on our default prevention strategy. We didn't have to figure out which borrowers we needed to contact or which messages to deliver. Student Connections helped us figure that out."

Sharon Wurm

Director of Financial Aid and Student Success, Truckee Meadows Community College